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January 6, 2021 by admin

How to Build an Affordable Home with Economic House Plans ?

BBuilding your own home is a way to make your part of the dream uniquely personal. And when you plan to build what will probably be the largest expense of your life, you need to plan it well. There’s quite a bit to consider when you make that plan, but with foresight, you can affordably build a beautiful new home.


You can have that home of your dreams when you plan the details that will make it perfect for you, as well as the details that will allow you to save money up front. The biggest expense in your life doesn’t have to be a foolish one. Indeed, it should make perfect sense.


Planning Your Home-Building Budget


You also want to think about the total budget for your build. The amount of house you can afford may not be the amount you reasonably need. It’s a good idea to save the difference, especially if you’re taking out a mortgage. You can never be sure what your economic situation will be in the future, so saving for potential periods of unemployment or for a growing family is wise. 


Ways to Save on the Design


  1. Keep it small. You can save a lot by building a two-story house rather than a single-story one. 
  2. Avoid complexity. Simplicity will save you money.
  3. Take advantage of an open floor plan. This will reduce the amount of materials needed, saving on costs, even when accounting for supporting second-floor walls. 
  4. Centralize plumbing. Your kitchen and bathroom should be close to each other — if not next to each other — to save money on the plumbing subcontract. And a second-floor bathroom should line up above the downstairs bathroom or the kitchen for the same reason. It doesn’t make sense to run expensive copper tubing unnecessary directions.

Saving on Basic Material Choices


There are some areas of the build you just won’t want to scrimp and save on. You want a solid frame and foundation. You want a roof and siding that will stand up to the weather where you’re going to live, and you want to insulate well to save on your heating and cooling in the long term — as well as on the heating and cooling system

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