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Our help center can instantly give you answer to many frequently asked questions. Design affects human. It changes the view of life and the self-image. According to the opinion specialists, a good design is a space.

How long will it take to design a residential / commercial project?

Every project is unique and the length of time required for design will depend upon many factors ranging from the location of the property to the design requirements of the clients. Among the many factors that will influence the design, the uniqueness of site conditions including topography, soil structure, and any environmental concerns such as flood plains, conservation lands and zone designations. We always try to fullfill our client requirements so basic sketch presentation may take up to 2 weeks.

What services do you provide?

Please visit Our Services page to get details about our services and procedures we follow for each of our projects.

How much do you charge for designing our home?

Our fees based on the services that you required from us. You can see our different plans from our 'Services' page and we do also provide customised packages based on client requirements. Our fees are generated using a price per square foot calculation and are based on our involvement in the project and the level of deliverables required.

What are the stages of payment of fees / payment schedule ?

Payment will be scheduled in 3 Parts

Phase - 1 (During Submission of Sanction Drawing) - 50 % of total payment.
Phase - 2 (During Submission of Working Drawings ) - 25 % of total payment
Phase - 3 (Submission of completion certificate ) - 25 % of total payment.

Do you offer interior design service only ?

Unfortunately, currently we do not undertake projects only for interior design. We do provide interior design along with our residential / commercial projects if client requested.

Do you provide customised package for your design services?

Yes, its possible.
You can contact us over phone and we will provide you our quote after preliminary interview with client. 

Do you offer Turnkey Home’s Package?

We do not provide construction service now. We mainly focused on designs.

We are willing to take such works but only for clients from abroad / clients those who wants zero responsibility on construction.

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